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Horizontal Floor Boring Machines

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We have developed "KARAM" High Precision Horizontal FLOOR TYPE BORING MACHINE which is most suitable for very heavy & High Volume Jobs which can't be accommodated on the work table of conventional Horizontal Boring Machine. Such jobs can easily be handled with the Floor Boring Machine as the work-piece is kept on the Floor Plate/s provided separately with the machine. Additional ROTARY TABLE Attachment is also supplied as per customer's requirement. The design of machine is unique which ultimately provides stiffness, accuracy, precision and optimum output. The especially designed machine bed is wide enough to provide a very rigid base to the moving column. The geometrical accuracy of the machine conforms to Dr. Schlesinger's Acceptance Test Chart. The special feature of this machine is that a Variable Frequency Drive (AC DRIVE) is used for the Centralized Control of Vertical Movement of Head Stock as well as Horizontal Movement of Saddle carrying column. These infinitely variable speeds are further controlled by a potentiometer duly fitting the same on pendant board of the machine which also eliminates shifting of levers again & again. Centralized Lubrication System ensures proper lubrication to all the moving parts. Special Attachments like Milling Attachment, Threading Attachment and Taper Boring Attachments enable the machine to perform multi-operations. CNC Version of the machine can also be offered as per requirement.




1. Alloy Steel Work Spindle Hardened &     Ground-Diameter 100 110 125 150
ISO 50
M.T.6 or
ISO 50
M.T.6 or
ISO 50
Metric 80
3. Longitudinal Movement of the Working     Spindle (Z – AXIS) 600 700 800 1000
4. Number of Spindle Speeds 9 9 9 9
5. Range of Spindle Speeds – R.P.M. 15  to 250 15 to 250 15 to 250  15 to 250
6. Vertical Travel of Head Stock  (Y – AXIS) 1 to 1.5 Mtrs. 1 to 1.75 Mtrs 1 to 2 Mtrs 1.5 to 2.5 Mtrs.
7. Horizontal Traverse of Column (X – AXIS) 2  to  8 Mtrs. 2  to  8 Mtrs 3  to 7 Mtrs. 3  to 7 Mtrs.
8. Facing Head Diameter 555 600 650  700
9. Radial Traverse of Facing Slide (U-AXIS) 150 150 180 200
10. Main Spindle Motor 7.5H.P. 10 H.P. 12.5H.P 15 H.P.
11. Feed Gear Box Motor 3H.P. 3H.P. 5 H.P. 5 H.P.
12. Rotary Table Attachment (Optional) 1000x1000 1250x1250 1500x1500 1500x2000
13. Sliding Movement of Rotary Table 800 900 1000 1250
14. Floor Plate/s (Optional) 1250x1250


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