Radial Drill Machine

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Radial Drill Machine

Details of Radial Drill Machine
Model R-25 (Multi-functional drill of 25mm)

This model offers straight & cross hole drilling in all degrees, plus milling and slitting function as well. At an economy of installation R-25 proves o be a beneficial deal.
Model R-40 (40 mm drill, suitable for most jobs)

Beside small conventional jobs, R-40 can execute big and odd size jobs as well. Its multi functionality is capable of accommodating your future needs of drilling.
General Features


  • Main spindle and pinion are made from EN 8-D steel by forging for roburst structural strength.
  • Column, arm, work head &gears are made from finest closed grain cast iron; while spindle Ram is made out of Alloy steel.
  • Main spindle run out is checked for accuracy as per IS 2199, prescribed standards.
  • For the smooth sliding movement of sliding arm over the main body, special ‘slide-reliever-slots’ are given to rule-out friction and indentation.
  • All moving parts are fine-finished with grinding to a close tolerance, hightening the overall m/c performance.
  • International technic of ‘Taper wedge setting’ this gives you complete slide setting instead of normal one point setting.
  • Quality bearing with grease bath, so that day-today oiling is not required.
  • Main gear and pulley are perfectly balanced, prior to assembly
  • Powder coated standard accessories for better functioning, longer life and to prevent corrosion and pillage associated with usual chrome plated accessories
  • Machined ‘T’ slots on working table for precision holding of the jobs


Specifications R-25 R-40 & R40-A
  Drilling capacity 25 mm 40 mm
  Pillar diameter  130 mm 170 mm
  Spindle nose to table distance 675 mm 705 mm
  Distance from spindle nose to base distance 875 mm 995 mm
  Distance from spindle center to pillar surface 635 mm(MAX) 790 mm(MAX)
  Taper in spindle MT-3 MT-4
  Number of speed 8 speed  8 speed
  Range of speed (RPM) 130 to 2600 70 to 2000
  Work table size (in mm) 200x200x255 290x290x375
  Base size (Machined Area) 585x915 mm 735x1240 mm
  Overall Base Size 610x940 mm 745x1260 mm
  Spindle travel  185 mm 215 mm
  Pillar Lengh 1265 mm 1490 mm
  Overall  hight wih puley guard 1700 mm 1960 mm
  V-Belt section B-43'' & A-23'' B-45'' &  A-24''
  Weight (Approx) 475 Kgs. 800 Kgs.
  Motor 1440RPM 3Phase 440 volts 1HP & 0.5HP 1.5 HP & 0.5 HP
  Shipping Wooden Case Inner Size LxWxH(in mm) 1030x770x1770 1300x640x2100



Model R-40A (Autofeed)
Ultimate Precision with automation

Though all these ‘Radial’ models are precision machines, the autofeed function of this model makes the drilling automatic and thus eliminates human error from the process. All other featurse are same, as of R-40 model.


Std. Accessory

Motor Pulley
Tapper Drift
Manual Book
Drill-bit angle gauge




Fully equipped with precision machinery:

The company established before three decades, believes in to being self reliant in all aspects of production. Today it is one of the well equipped se-up to bring out the best Drill Machines, India can offer. The company has a strategic location in Bhavnagar with a large manufacturing floor, R&D and marketing departments. All our machineries and precision instruments are of high manufacturing, standards.
Ensuring quality of our drills and your product :

 Over the period, ‘P.Parmar’ has achieved unbeatable standards in designing engineering parts, sure-n-smooth working of drilling processes and the finished results on your end-products. We never cut corners in raw material procurement in achieving the utmost perfection. That show on our products and finally in your products, too!
Expertise that never let you down:
Managed by highly experienced technocrat, the company has team of trained engineers assuring the quality at various stage of manufacturing. The technology and technics are upgraded every now and then with ongoig research and developmental activities. Your ‘P.Parmar’ Drill will always keep working with minimum maintenance. That’s promise


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